Buddhist stupa

The Buddhist stage of enlightenment can be found right at the entrance to our campus. This majestic structure brings many benefits and benefits to all beings who encounter it.

The Buddhist stupa is not only an architectural element, but also serves as a source of inspiration and spiritual growth. With its imposing and unique construction, it represents a symbol of compassion and wisdom. The stupa is often built on an important spiritual site and represents a path to awakening and enlightenment.
One of the main benefits of stupa is the possibility of wishing and meditating. The stupa is considered a sacred place where everyone can find peace and harmony.

Another element is the tradition of circumventing the stupa clockwise. This circumvention is accompanied by the expression of good wishes, which are believed to be often fulfilled. In this way, the stupa brings joy and positive energy into people's lives. It is a special ritual that unites the community and creates a positive atmosphere.

The stupa also has a protective function. It is believed that the presence of a stupa can ward off negative energies and bring protection from danger. Its power lies in its symbolic meaning and the spiritual energy it carries within it. Thus, the stupa becomes a place where people seek refuge and feel safe.

In addition to the fact that the stupa has a deep spiritual meaning, it is also a means for the accumulation of merit. Participation in the construction, renovation, or maintenance of a stupa is considered a virtuous act that brings spiritual merit. In this way, a person can strengthen his good karmic actions and contribute to the well-being of everyone else.

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